November 2013 Mini-Sumo Contest

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Clothes-Line Racers

Click here to learn how to build a timer for Clothes-Line Racers.
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The purpose of this site is to:

  1. Document electronic and robotics completed by electronics students in the Associate's and Bachelor's Degree Programs, using descriptions, photos and videos
  2. Provide training materials for electronics, programming and robotic hobbyist
  3. Provide complete instructions for assembly and programming for some projects

Left-Side Menu

The menu on the left will help you to get to an area of interest to you. Presently the focus of the projects here tends to lean towards several areas:

  1. The Arduino Development Board
  2. The Basic Stamp Microcontroller and the BOE-Bot
  3. The 3PI Robot as seen on

Tech Fest Links

At the end of each quarter, students who have built an electronics or robotics project have the opportunity to show off their creations here. These links show videos and photos of these final projects. For the presenting students, this gives them a showcase area where they can be acknowledged. Future students and other interested viewers can use these examples to give them inspiration and ideas for their own projects.

Page Loading Times

Several of my students have commented on the slow loading times for some of the pages on this site. The problem is that most of my photos of their projects are high-resolution and large (many are 1-2 MB). So a page with many photos loads slowly. I have been researching how to resolve this without losing detail and resolution. I know that the maximum resolution of your computer screen is 72 Dots per Ince (DPI), and that loading a photo with much higher resolution is a waste because the computer can't possibly display all the loaded pixels. I began looking for a software that would let me reduce the size of the photos without going below 72 DPI. I found two free programs, FastStone Image Viewer and FastStone Photo Resizer. The let me hold the resolution at 72 DPI and set the picture dimensions to what I would like for each photo. I used the Photo Resizer to go through all of the photos in this site. A 2MB photo is reduced to 20-30 kB by the Photo Resizer process, so load times should improve dramatically.